Advanced Procurement

One of the public sector's most stringently regulated and vigorously scrutinized industries is supply chain management. This necessitates the use of business software that supports both operational functionality and legal compliance. The Sage 200 Evolution core smoothly integrates with the feature-rich add-on module known as Advanced Procurement. You can do things like draft and approve requisitions, get and assess quotes, and submit purchase orders with preferred vendors.

By using this module, you can build trust with the many suppliers and players in the market. Analyze your supply chain and control the performance of your suppliers on a rotational basis, by industry, or according to predetermined supplier criteria. All motions are tracked against incidents thanks to Sage 200 Evolution CRM's complete integration.


What Makes Us Different

Our successful piloting of the New National Chart of Accounts (IPSUS compliant) at Zibagwe RDC has set us at par or beyond excellent in our field of both software provision and service delivery.

  • Saving Time to Deal with core matters of business
  • Cut costs without sacrificing service quality
  • Automate your day to day business routines

You Should Know

  • Recommended Single User: Dual Core 2.3 GHz/i5,6gb+ Ram
  • Recommended Server(11+ users): Dual Core 2.7 GHz/i7,32gb+ Ram

Add on modules are modules that are available over and above the ‘core’ module purchased. More popular Add-On’s include Job Costing, Retail POS, Bills of Materials, Manufacturing, Serial Number Tracking, Lot Tracking & Advanced Procurement.

The accounting software enables you to focus on what really matters and provides you with a streamlined accounting and management process. As a developer of accounting software packages, ERP software solutions and business management software, they have supported the growth of start-up, small, medium and large enterprises since 1989.

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